Supervisors of the Year

  March 4th 2022

Ed Chair and Ricky Graves have been awarded the supervisor of the year award from the 2021 K10 Annual Apprenticeship Awards.

Below is what our K10 Apprentices had to say:

“Ed & Ricky have been fantastic and some of
the best Supervisors I have worked with.
They have given me the exposure and
resources needed as an apprentice to
support my NVQ. They provide me with
clear guidance, appropriate training, and are
always friendly and supportive. I have
developed a lot while with them. I am so
grateful to have them as our Supervisors. ”

Daragh Moroney,
Apprentice Electrician


“When I first came to this Wembley Park
project, Ed and Ricky were very welcoming.
They allowed me to explain what I needed to
focus on to get the evidence required for my
portfolio and they set my daily tasks around
this, supporting me all the way. Ed always
gives me great jobs to do which has allowed
me to develop in those areas and now I am
more confident working solo as a result. I
really appreciate all the support they have
given me. ”

George Koumourou,
Apprentice Electrician


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