Electrical Apprenticeships

Electrical Apprenticeships

At R B Emerson Group Ltd we believe that our greatest asset is our workforce and we are committed to ensuring that we maintain training to guarantee continuing strength and growth of the company and also our industry.

The construction industry as a whole is facing a skills shortage and the electrical sector has been amongst the hardest hit. We have been training apprentices for over 70 years and over that time have helped to produce over 300 qualified electricians. We are proud of our reputation for training and are committed to continuing to provide a skilled workforce for the future.

To ensure high standards of training and safety amongst our workforce, we are assisted by JTL the industries training agency.

Each year R B Emerson Group Limited receives over 100 applications from young people wishing to become an electrical apprentice. Applications are held on file until February each year when we begin our selection process. All applicants are required to pass the JTL selection test to be taken at our offices, and have achieved GCSE Maths and English at grade 4 – 9 (grade C and above), and then are invited for interview. Without the required GCSE grades colleges cannot provide the required training course.

Generally we can accept between 4-8 apprentices each year. Apprentices begin employment and college training each September. We welcome applicants who have no prior experience in our industry as well as those who have already begun work or college courses in our sector.

Occasionally we are able to take on apprentices outside of our normal intake, but this is dependent on our needs and of course college availability.

The course generally consists of on-site training and day release to college, along with completion of logbooks showing work undertaken on site. All apprentices are assessed on site regularly by JTL. Upon completion of the course, which can take between 3 and 4 years apprentices will have achieved NVQ level 3, and will have passed the AM2 practical exam. Once this has been achieved electrical apprentices can be graded by the JIB as a Qualified Electrician. Unfortunately due to funding restrictions JTL have very limited support for apprentices who are over 19 at the beginning of their training.

If you would like more information on apprentice training with JTL please visit their website


If you are interested in becoming an apprentice electrician please file out the form below:

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